Integrated Business Solutions (IBS), with its proactive and consultative approach supports the technology and business objectives of its clients with knowledge and understanding of the IT market in Zambia.We focus our service delivery strategies on core IT Solutions that meet business needs for our clients.

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Our consultancy solutions are based on re-orienting the structure of existing information technology and business systems so that they are better focused on key business strategies and needs. Customized Solutions designing and implementation, systems integration and Auditing are also among services offered through consultancy.


We are Pragmatic and bold enough to recommend implementable, rather than the purely intellectual solutions in procurement and installation of ardware and software systems:

Professional advice for vendor and brand selection, to match technologies with your financial ability and your business needs. We are able to supply all requirements according to specific customer needs. After sales support and end-user training in the use of the acquired technology/equipment. Constant updates on the latest developments are part of our support delivery at competitive rates.


We offer a wide range of security and access control systems usually customized to meet our clients requirements. Our solutions are for both business and domestic premises.

Access control systems offer a secure, convenient, flexible and cost effective way of controlling who has access to your building and when that access is allowed. Access control gives organisations the security they need.


CCTV Solution have become important to any business nowadays due to security issues. Our solution cater for both on LANs and WANs. IP Cameras with high resolutions and intelligent features have enhanced security awareness and have made security a bit more advanced and effective.

CCTV can also be implemented across a Wide Area Network to interconnect cameras in different locations centrally.


We offer hardware and software service and maintenance contracts with a full array of services, expertise, best practices and cost-effective methods to support clients’ systems and equipment management.
Normally, a comprehensive contract document with full terms of reference is prepared to cover the assignment.

Under Management Consultancy, our knowledge of clients’ diverse business needs through the application of technology solutions makes us well positioned to implement management information solutions and systems competently. We do things differently using insight and experience. We focus on blending information technology tools in the business Policy planning and strategic decision-making processes.